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Our Mission

To maintain recognition as one of California’s best specialty banks with a focus on small businesses and individuals, while building long-term relationships through the customized services the Bank has to offer.

Established in 1984

The Murphy Bank Legacy

Charles “Mike” Murphy was determined to provide high quality, honest banking services to customers in the Fresno area.

The Murphy Legacy

With a career in finance that began in 1951, Charles “Mike” Murphy had seen marginal banking practices over the years that turned out to be disastrous for customers and companies alike. In founding Murphy Bank (originally Sierra Thrift) in 1984, he was determined to provide high-quality, honest banking services to customers in the Fresno area, and he put systems in place to ensure that reality. For the founding management team, Mr. Murphy selected Jim Templeton, Richard Laxton and Paul Heath. In 1989, Mike Falge joined the bank as a loan officer, and quickly became a key contributor to the bank’s continuing success. When, Chairman of the Board, Mr. Murphy retired in 2001, Mr. Templeton became Chairman of the Board and Mr. Falge was unanimously voted in as President replacing Mr. Templeton at that position. Mr. Murphy passed away November 2016 and left behind the bank he had always dreamed of creating. His daughter, Brigeen Houghton, who has served on the board since 2001, was named Chairman of the Board upon Mr. Templeton’s retirement in 2014. She serves alongside her brothers Patrick and Michael Murphy, her mother Dolores Murphy, and the founding management team on the Murphy Bank Board.

Conservative Banking Practices

Standard practice in the banking industry is to set goals for projected financial growth and then require that these goals be met. In order to meet these goals, money is often loaned out that should not be, and problems with these loans begin to appear. Murphy Bank operates differently. Quality loans — those that will benefit both the borrower and the bank — are identified. Only then are funds generated through certificates of deposit and savings accounts. This process has enabled Murphy Bank to establish long-term lending relationships with excellent customers while also paying a premium rate of return on its savings products. The FDIC fully insures all funds deposited in Murphy Bank.

A Strong Management Team

Steve Jones joined Murphy Bank as President and Chief Executive Officer upon Mr. Falge’s retirement in 2021. Mr. Jones has held executive positions at two local community banks, of which he was a founding member, since returning to Fresno in 2006. Matthew Lim, CPA, joined Murphy Bank in 2013 and, at the end of 2014, made a seamless transition into the Chief Financial Officer position formerly held by Mr. Templeton. Kirstine McAllaster also began with Murphy Bank in 2013 and was recently promoted to Chief Operating Officer. Randy Clark and Jose Herrera run our lending operations. Mr. Clark has been with Murphy Bank since 1995 and serves as our Chief Credit Officer. Mr. Herrera began at Murphy Bank in 2009 and serves as Chief Lending Officer. Michael Murphy, the youngest son of Charles “Mike” Murphy, rounds off the executive team as the Chief Technology Officer. It is worth noting that all three of the founding management team are still assisting in leading the bank. Mr. Templeton, Mr. Laxton and Mr. Heath serve as board members and advisors.​

The current management team at Murphy Bank is fully committed to assuring the continuing of the Murphy Legacy. Murphy Bank strives to foster the next generation of management. This is only successfully done by continually hiring the right people, those with the highest integrity, and then training them and giving them ever increasing authority and management responsibilities.

Building Community

As a local bank, Murphy Bank is committed to actively building strong community ties. Most of the bank’s service endeavors evolve directly from the interests of our employees themselves. These activities include Rotary, Kiwanis, and Lions clubs, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, and the Salvation Army. When an employee became involved with the formation of the non-profit Fresno Community Concert Band (FCCB) in 1993, the bank became the organization’s first official sponsor and continues to support the band’s growth. Today, the FCCB has more than 70 playing members – all adults and former high school or college band members. The group regularly performs in Fresno and surrounding towns, delighting hundreds of avid listeners at each concert. For a schedule of upcoming performances visit their website. Other community organizations include Rotary, Kiwanis, and Lions clubs, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, the Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, Banzai, and RMHC Central Valley.

Current Locations

Murphy Bank’s Main branch has been located in Fresno at Fig Garden Village since 2002. Having a large base of customers, built up over several years of making mobile home loans in the San Luis Obispo area, Murphy Bank opened a branch office in San Luis Obispo in October of 2018 and under the leadership of Vice President Conrad Stanton is having phenomenal success.

Valuable Employees

In addition to a strong management team, Mr. Murphy believed that, for the bank to be successful, every employee had to demonstrate a willingness to do whatever was necessary to make the bank run right. By his example, he communicated the importance of every single job. As an example, prior to his retirement in 2001, every morning he would hoist the American flag and sweep the front walkway of the bank. Today, Murphy Bank is one of only a few companies in our community to have a flagpole in front of their business that proudly displays the American flag every day the bank is open with those activities being carried on by Murphy Banks loyal employees.

An Enduring Legacy

Mr. Murphy’s commitment to high ethical lending practices, personal integrity and respect for the value of employee contribution continues to foster a company culture that we feel is unique in Valley banking. Our selection by The Fresno Bee for the 2005 Excellence in Small Business Award was, for us, a public commendation of The Murphy Legacy. As such, the award continues to inspire us to provide the highest possible level of service to the people and businesses of our community.

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